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Why be part of

The distribution network consists of a wide range of Travel Agents, Corporate Travel and Tourism websites, call centers and other services

Belonging to the distribution network will mean have a tool to increase revenue, generating their own online reservations with instant confirmation and eliminating waiting times of emails and phone calls.

In addition you will have competitive advantages:

-Wide Product Range: coverage gives you access to personalized searches using date criteria, location, category, rates, etc. at various facilities covering a network of hotels around the world.
-Depth of Information: You can offer your customers a comprehensive and detailed information about each attached to the system: description of rooms, amenities, location, etc
-Support: we have a help desk always at your disposal to solve any problems or questions that may arise.
-Payment: credit through a system of automatic debit to bank accounts of the agencies (Direct Payment - Santander Rio), Prepaid with Bank Deposit, Credit Cards with online authorization.
-Commissions: You receive a commission on every transaction you make.
-Management Information: you can maintain control of their operations, finding in the report detailed system of reserves.
-No Charge: operate at no cost of implementation and maintenance.